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" We are all poor because we are all honest"

    ~  Red Dog ~ Oglala Sioux


 From Wakan Tanka,
 The Great Spirit, there came a great unifying life force that flowed in and through all things - the flowers of the plains, blowing winds, rocks, trees, birds, animals - and was the same force that had been breathed into the first man. Thus all things were kindred, and were brought together by the same Great Mystery.

 Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky, and water was a real and active principle. In the animal and bird world there existed a brotherly feeling that kept the Lakota safe among them. And so close did some of the Lakotas come to their feathered and furred friends that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue.

 The animals had rights - the right of a man's protection, the right to live, the right to multiply, the right to freedom, and the right to man's indebtedness - and in recognition of these rights the Lakota never enslaved an animal, and spared all life that was not needed for food and clothing.

 This concept of life and its relations with humanizing, and gave to the Lakota an abiding love. It filled his being with joy and mystery of living; it gave him reverence for all life; it made a place for all things in the scheme of existence with equal importance to all.

 The Lakota could not despise no creature, for all were of one blood, made by the same hand, and filled with the essence of the Great Mystery.

 In spirit, the Lakota were humble and meek. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" - this was true for the Lakota, and from the earth they inherited secrets long since forgotten. Their religion is sane, natural, and human.

Chief Luther Standing Bear
                    ~ Oglala Lakota

Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse & Tack Top Sites / Bowens Design

BRM Blue Ridge City Brew
(Ridgehavens White Cloud x SG Blue Slippers)
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 aka ~ Brew
2008 ~  AMHR/ICHR
Amber Silver Grey Sabino
 Brew is a nice blend of Seven C's  through his sire and Flying W Farms Blue Boy through his dam, we are very excited with finding Brew, we are very pleased with the blend of lineages with the result produced .

His attitude is wonderful, super balanced little horse with nice length of neck, wonderful eye set on a super nice head. 

Thank you Blue Ridge Miniatures  for producing such a wonderful horse.

 color test for the follow:

Champagne: n/CH, Agouti: A/a, Red: E/E, Grey: G/g, Sabino: n/Sb1, Silver: n/Z, Cream: n/n





  aka ~ Paco
2005 ~ ASPC/AMHR
Sorrel Sabino Pinto ~ Stallion 
Foundation Certified 
 3/4 Arenosa son of AMHR National Champion
Bristol Pepito & Half brother to Oak Bey Salsamio.
 Baroness herself is Multi AMHR Champion, Congress top 10 Mare, Congress Top Ten Foundation Mare , AMHR National Top Ten Producer. 
 Paco was AMHR National Top Ten in both open halter and  futurity as a yearling.
  We are very pleased with this boy in balance, length of neck, super chiseled head, large eye and tiny ears, his lineage and type will be a asset to our champagne foundation as well as the AMHR/ASPC program.

We are very excited to be adding one of the last sons of  
Kohlman's Falabella Little Prince into our stallion line up.

Thank You so very much Mary Ann and Dos Palmas Miniatures!!


Dos Palmas Family Tradition

  aka ~ Tradition
2015 ~ AMHA
Amber Splash?/Tobiano ~ Colt
   Tradition will be hard shipped AMHR
Measured at 26.75" Feb 27 2016
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Testing Results:
 Dun ~ d/d, 
Silver ~ n/n


Reference Stallions Only
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Luv Em Minis Rulers Champagne


Bethel Classic Champagne Of Ms 


Menagerie Legacy's There'll Be Talk



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